Lamborghini rental – The guide

It’s easy to rush into a Lamborghini rental service when you so badly want what it has to offer. You may have been storing money away all year to be able to afford your time with a Lamborghini and can finally get one. But don’t be impetuous! There are many things to keep in mind before you rent a supercar.

A Lamborghini is an experience like no other. Adrenaline goes through the roof as you plummet towards 200 miles per hour or more, depending on which one you rent. At these speeds you’re pulled back into your seat as if you were on an air plane. It’s you at the wheel though, and such control over such a powerful car is a wonderful thrill in itself.

Renting supercars is very different to renting standard cars. Lamborghini’s are extremely pricey vehicles, so have extremely pricey price tags if you accidentally damage them. Living in Miami, you’ll be able to rent a Lamborghini for a reasonable amount from hereĀ Typical insurance won’t cover this, so you’ll have to extend your policy to cover any damage that might occur during your rental period.

It’s necessary to be over the age of 21 when renting a Lamborghini, or possibly over the age of 23 if you rent in Los Angeles or Miami. Each city and state will differ so look into this first before you et your hopes up if you’re younger than 23. The following page has more information on Lamborghini rental in Los AngelesĀ You don’t just pay for the rental period, but in some cases also for the fuel. You may also have to set money aside for extra mileage if you plan on driving long distances as you’re only allowed a set amount each day for free.

Make sure the business you spend your money at isn’t shady. Some people own supercars that are past their time, meaning they break down often and are cheaply repaired. This can be a huge headache and a complete waste of time if it breaks for you during your drive. Ask to speak to previous customers and try before you buy.

Once you have all of this in place, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. Everything is covered and even if you crash, you won’t have to pay out a lot of money. If you’re planning on testing out the Lamborghini’s top speed be sure to do this somewhere safe and legal instead of a highway. An official racing strip would be the place to do this.

The top 3 supercar producers in the world

In a modern world of luxury, such as designer pets and mansions, many people strive to save enough money to own or rent a supercar. It’s not a surprise when you consider how well made they are and what a thrill it is to be in the driver seat of one. More than just a car, supercars become part of your identity. There are 3 main supercar producers in 2016, and we’ll outline exactly which ones they are and what makes them so great at producing exotic cars.


Let’s start with Bentley. Some say the reason why this British car producer is so great is due to the fact their cars are still mostly hand made. In an age of factory automation, a little handy work goes a long way in the eyes of supercar owners. It’s this nice little bit of knowledge that becomes the cherry on top of the already beautiful design. This producer has nearly 100 years of production time, making it extremely trustworthy. Bentleys are therefore not only beautiful and stylish, but fully functional and long lasting too. The Bentley Bentayga, as seen below, is the latest model.



Next up is the Lamborghini. Invented over 50 years ago, it has quickly risen to become the greatest supercar ever made. With its futuristic design, 4 wheel drive and incredible power, it’s sought after by many rich and famous members of society. Costing over $200,000 to buy for many of the models, the Lamborghini is extremely costly. The cost is made up for by the smooth driving experience and safety features of the car. It also shows off wealth and success more than any other car out there.


Last but not least, the Bugatti is arguable the most futuristic looking of the three top supercars. Costing slightly less than a Lamborghini at around $1.5 million, not many people are able to get their hands on the steering wheel of a Bugatti.

With a top speed of 270 miles per hour and over 1000 horse power, it’s the fastest of all 3 top supercar manufacturers. Bugatti is often spoke about in pop culture due to its elegance and speed. The top 3 supercars in the world are the Bugatti, the Lamborghini and the Bentley. Consider yourself lucky if you ever get to drive one due to their rarity and expensive cost.